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New content: New research report, new ratings system, DIY Guide, and self-evaluation

We’ve been working on a lot of changes and additions to the main GiveWell website and at this point have gone live with all of the following: New research and recommendations on U.S. education and early childhood care. We did some work on these causes in our first year, but we’ve now gone back with… Read More

After “extraordinary and unorthodox” comes the valley of death

An anonymous donor got some buzz a few weeks ago with its call on Innocentive for “extraordinary and unorthodox” philanthropic opportunities. It seeks a project that “holds the potential for a transformational impact,” “is unlikely to attract funding elsewhere due to its risky, unorthodox, and/or neglected profile,” and will be able to “attract additional capital… Read More

Health system strengthening + sustainability + accountability

We’ve written a lot about our top-rated charity, VillageReach (in particular, see our official review and our 2009 blog post). Consistent with our focus on individual/casual donors, we generally emphasize effectiveness over ambition, and so we have mostly focused on VillageReach’s fit with our criteria: its strong case for effectveness, cost-effectiveness, and room for more… Read More

Microfinance: The multi-billion-dollar aid sector that we’re just starting to learn about

GiveWell attended the Microfinance Innovation & Impact Conference via Board member Tim Ogden and part-time employee Stephanie Wykstra. (Our full-time staff could not attend as we are all in India). Our main takeaways: The people involved with this conference, and the nonprofits working with them, are producing a lot of promising, interesting, rigorous and informative… Read More