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Our ongoing review of Development Media International

Development Media International (DMI)¬†produces radio and television programs in developing countries that encourage people to adopt improved health practices, such as exclusive breastfeeding of infants and seeking treatment for symptoms associated¬†with fatal diseases. The program aims to reduce mortality of children under five years old. In May, we wrote that we were considering DMI for…

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A promising study on the long-term effects of deworming

This year, Dr. Kevin Croke, a post-doctoral fellow at the Harvard School of Public Health, released a study that we consider an important addition to the evidence for deworming children. The study (Croke 2014) followed up on a randomized controlled trial (RCT) of a deworming program in Uganda and found higher scores on tests of…

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Guest post from Tom Rutledge

The following is a guest post from one of our Board members, Tom Rutledge, that he wrote to reflect on his personal experiences as a GiveWell supporter. I was a Jerk for GiveWell When I first learned about GiveWell, I was a real jerk about it. I blame the preceding years. Before GiveWell, I had…

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