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Going deeper on “room for more funding”: Underfunded grant proposals

We previously discussed some simple ways to get at the difficult question of “room for more funding.” One approach that has been more difficult than expected is asking charities themselves to help figure out where more funds are likely to go – answers tend to be vague and tend to target what the charities think… Read More

Some simple ways to check “room for more funding”

We have been struggling with the “room for more funding” question since the first days of GiveWell, and we have gradually developed a variety of approaches to it. The most basic approach, and the one we’ve used for most of our history, consists of the following: Gain confidence in an entire organization; do not overfocus… Read More

“Room for more funding” continued: Why donation restricting isn’t the easy answer

Yesterday we discussed the difficult question of “room for more funding”: how can a donor determine how more funding will translate to more activities? One common practice is to try to “force” your donation to fund the activities that attract you. Charities will formally honor your restriction by allocating your funds to the program in… Read More

An essential question that no one is asking charities

If a charity demonstrates that its core program has changed lives in the past, is likely to change lives in the future, and gets great “bang for your buck,” is this enough reason to donate to it? We say no. The missing piece: Will more funding lead to more of the good program(s)? We generally… Read More