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I am not a flake

I said we would update this blog every Tuesday and Saturday. It says so right over there on the left. Today I am swamped, and I might not be able to give you the Tuesday masterpiece I’m sure you’re addicted to.

I have more pet peeves than anyone else I know, and one of the very biggest ones is what I call flakes: people who say they’ll do something, then back out without giving me the communication I need to adjust my plans. Anyone who’s ever stood me up, or even been very late to something without a heads-up phone call, or just forgotten to do something they knew I was counting on them to do, has felt my wrath … thanks to cellphones and email, there is just no excuse.

So this might be an extremely minor example – I doubt the number of people anxiously refreshing their reader for the latest GiveWell post exceeds 10,000 or so – but if I flaked out, I’d have to punch myself in the face, and I don’t want to do that. Here’s your heads-up. There will be a new blog entry late tonight or tomorrow morning.


  • The GiveWell Blog - Exploring how to get real change for your dollar. » A quick, free way to support GiveWell on April 10, 2007 at 6:55 pm said:

    […] And if you don’t vote, tomorrow you will get a promotion and meet the love of your life … but you will have passed up an easy opportunity to help us out, and you’ll be kind of a flake. You don’t want that. […]

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