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Evaluating charter schools, continued

We appreciate the feedback we got on our last blog post. This post will address the substantive issues raised by commenters. Evaluation and test scores We aren’t seeking to settle the question of how to measure success in education. That would be biting off far more than we can chew. Instead, we have largely invited… Read More

Evaluating charter schools

Note: a positive effect of recent events was a set of substantive concerns about our model raised by non-profit insiders and others. We put all our reasoning and assumptions on our website precisely because we value critiques that will help us improve, and we look forward to responding to and discussing all concerns shortly. This… Read More

Updated: Statement from the GiveWell Board of Directors

On Monday, Elie Hassenfeld communicated to the board that he posted a comment on December 31, 2007 related to GiveWell that was not under his own name. The comment was made under the name Talia and is linked here. In response to the actions by Mr. Hassenfeld which were inconsistent with GiveWell’s core values of… Read More

Statement from the GiveWell Board of Directors

The following is a statement from the GiveWell Board of Directors. Audio and materials from the meeting are located here. Additional materials related to this statement will be posted soon. ————- The board has amended its original statement as of January 11, 2008 at 830pm est. Please note the addition of paragraph 5. ———————– The… Read More