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Research mailing list

GiveWell has maintained a mailing list since late July that we use to share our notes on research in progress. The emails tend to be more detailed and less theme-driven than blog posts, and the volume tends to be higher (averaging around an email a day, except when we’re heavily focused on non-research aspects of our project).

We are now making the contents of the list (though not the full identities of participants) public. We also invite anyone who is interested in participating to apply via the list’s page; we will approve anyone we feel is applying out of legitimate interest in our research. The list’s page is here:

GiveWell Research Mailing List on Yahoo! Groups

Note that old emails to the list (between its start in July and its opening late last week) are not currently available, due to our recent switch from Google Groups to Yahoo! Groups (the latter offers superior privacy protection for list members).