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Clarification on previous post

As a reminder, our blog is a personal and informal forum, and does not represent the official views of GiveWell. Our About This Blog page states:

While our main site features researched and edited content, aiming to present all our information in a neutral way for you to make your own decisions, our blog is highly personal. Posts do not represent the official views of GiveWell; they represent the unfiltered opinions of project members, who may (and often do) disagree with each other.

We aim to share all of our thoughts relating to the choices faced by individual donors. The Prop 8 issue strikes me as a particularly good opportunity, to the point where I’ve made a personal donation partly on “ROI” grounds (as opposed to purely personal grounds); so I’ve posted my personal decision and reasoning. In general, we have a principle of full disclosing our values and biases, rather than denying or hiding them.

However, GiveWell the organization, as represented by the Board of Directors as well as Elie and me, does not officially endorse or oppose Proposition 8 (and the donation I referred to was a personal one).