The GiveWell Blog

Quick notes on our progress

A few updates for people interested in the nuts and bolts of GiveWell’s progress (some of these have been included in our email updates, but not yet flagged on our blog):

  • We’ve recently (this week) updated our research agenda – see the updated agenda here.
  • The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation awarded us $100,000 for general operating support (the grant was made in December).
  • The membership of our Board has changed, as two members have left and two have joined within the last few months – see our updated list.
  • Audio and materials uploaded for old Board meetings, through November 2008 – view them all here
  • Final versions of our IRS Form 990 and audited financial statement for 2007 are available on our website here.
  • A full history of our business plans and changes of direction – including the most recent in November of 2008 – is now available here.
  • We now offer the GiveWell Advance Donation – implemented through a donor-advised fund – as a way for donors to give (and get their tax deduction) now, while deciding which of our recommended charities should get their funds after our next round of research.
  • In addition to our research email group, we’ve created a “general GiveWell project” email group for people who wish to discuss general GiveWell-related issues. Subscribers will receive our periodic email updates as well as alerts when we add substantial new content to our website or make substantial changes to our plans.