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Preview report

Now linked from the front page of is a preview of our 2008-2009 report. The main content of the report so far is a review of the Carter Center (discussed in previous blog posts here and here) as well as information on the track records of the programs it runs and the diseases it targets.

There is much more on the way, including the continuation of my series of overviews of general issues in developing-world aid (earlier entries here and here). For now, though, the review of the Carter Center (and accompanying materials) will give a strong sense of our basic structure, approach, and criteria, which have changed significantly since our 2007-2008 report. We are eager for feedback.

Preview of 2008-2009 Report


  • Ian Turner on March 5, 2009 at 11:40 pm said:

    Thanks for your hard work and dedication. I know that I’m not alone in appreciating the stoic and uncompromising look that you give to prospective grant recipients. You all are working to improve the human condition to the best of your ability, and a credit to the human race.

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