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GiveWell grants awarded

Note: this post does not refer to the economic empowerment grant whose process we opened on August 4. That process is still ongoing, and the funds we will grant there are in addition and distinct from the funds discussed below.

Having released our updated recommendations for international aid, we will be making grants to the two charities we have designated as “top-rated.” These grants are being made from restricted funds: donations made to GiveWell and earmarked for regranting to top charities.

We are splitting the available funds between our top two charities, and are therefore granting a total of $85,047.10: $42,523.55 to VillageReach and $42,523.55 to the Stop Tuberculosis Partnership.

We are also recommending that our donor-advised fund grant $12,523.94 to VillageReach and $12,523.94 to the Stop Tuberculosis Partnership. (In general, we make grants from this fund according to donor wishes, as specified at our GiveWell Advance Donation description, but these grants are attributed to the startup funds that GiveWell put into the fund.)

That makes a total of $110,094.98 that we are directing (through grants or grant recommendations) to top charities. This does not include GiveWell Pledges, GiveWell Advance Donations, or any other case where donors give using our research.

We still have $250,000 that is earmarked for regranting specifically within economic empowerment, and are conducting an open application in order to identify the grantee.


  • It is great to see significant financial gifts going to two such deserving organizations! Thanks for the work that you all did to help bring their merit, and needs, to light.

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