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Why a new study of the Mariel boatlift has not changed our views on the benefits of immigration

As a consultant for the Open Philanthropy Project last year, I reviewed the research on whether immigration reduces employment or earnings for workers in receiving countries. I concluded that for natives the harm, if any, is small. Last month the prominent immigration researcher George Borjas posted a challenge to a seminal study in my review. His new paper contends that the Mariel boatlift, which brought some…

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Charities we’d like to see

We wish we had more top charities, and as we look to the future we expect (and hope) that there will need to be more recommended charities in order to productively use all the donations that GiveWell-influenced donors are making. One of our major activities is trying to expand our top charities list – both…

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GiveWell is hiring Summer Research Analysts for summer 2016

We’re looking for people who will be entering their final year of undergrad or graduate school in 2016 to work at GiveWell in the summer of 2016 as Summer Research Analysts, with the possibility of joining GiveWell full time after graduation. More information and how to apply can be found here: If you follow…

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