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We’re happy to talk to you!

If you’re currently trying to figure out where you’ll give this year and think it might be helpful to talk to us about your decision, please feel free to contact us at We’d be happy to set up a phone call or answer questions over email.

We work hard to put all the relevant information about our recommendations on our website, but we know it can sometimes be hard to fully digest. Talking to donors about their plans for allocating their giving is something we do regularly and we’d be happy to do more of it.

Due to limited staff capacity, it’s possible we won’t be able to speak with everyone who requests a call, although based on past experience we hope to be able to connect with anyone who gets in touch.

We look forward to hearing from you!


  • Nancy Greenwood on December 18, 2015 at 3:50 pm said:

    I’m donating $25k this year and was planning on splitting it between the fistula foundation and room to read. However, room to read has a matching program in place so if I give the whole $25k to them, it will be doubled. I’m not sure what to do and would appreciate your insight.

  • We haven’t looked at the Fistula Foundation or Room to Read in a number of years, so we don’t have a recommendation between the two of them. We haven’t looked at Room to Read’s matching program, but one thing to keep in mind is whether your donation is actually being doubled, or whether the organization would have received the “matched” funds anyway – we’ve written about this in the past, here:

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