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Donating to the Somalia famine: A brief update

Since our initial post on the Somalia famine, we’ve continued our research to provide a stronger recommendation to donors. We do not yet have enough information to do so. At this point, we maintain our provisional recommendation for Doctors Without Borders (MSF). Over the past 3 weeks, we’ve contacted many aid and UN-based organizations. We’ve… Read More

Somalia / East Africa famine relief donations

We’ve begun investigating the ongoing famine in Somalia / East Africa. We will be writing more on this topic as we learn more, but for the moment, we wanted to share a few preliminary thoughts: This appears to be a very challenging situation for aid organizations, and it is difficult to determine who is in… Read More

Japan update 4/13/11

It’s been roughly a month since the devastating 9.0 earthquake in Japan. We’ve been continuing to follow the situation and re-examine our recommendations for donors. At this point we feel that The situation in Japan has recently worsened, with aftershocks and negative developments regarding the nuclear crisis. It is too early to tell whether this… Read More

The Gates Foundation’s grant for Japan relief: Our questions and its response

Previously, we went through all the evidence we could find regarding whether Japan disaster relief has what we call room for more funding. One of our observations was that The Gates Foundation, in particular, gave two grants within a week of the Haiti earthquake but doesn’t appear to have given anything for Japan so far…. Read More

Will the rebuilding effort in Japan be about the survivors or about the nonprofits?

The most specific quote we’ve seen about a charity’s long-term plans in Japan comes from a Seattle Times interview with a Mercy Corps representative. We are going to do post-trauma work with kids, and we are looking at how to make that really culturally appropriate … We are also going to get involved in the… Read More

Update on how to help Japan: March 24

Updated 3/25/11 12:15pm – see “Update on OCHA and Reliefweb” section below Last week, we issued our recommendation for donors regarding disaster relief/recovery in Japan. Since then, we’ve been considering new information, investigating our view further, and getting feedback from many. This post is a clarification and update of our position. Our bottom line position… Read More