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Don’t let Elie rip you off!

My buddy Elie, a member of the GiveWell project and a passionate diarrhea guy, is trying to get you excited about the idea of saving lives for about $1000 a pop (see below). Hey, it is a good deal, and I agree with his take that repairing someone’s fistula is pretty comparable to saving her… Read More

What’s a life worth?

There’s a scarcity of $250,000 Ferrari 599 GTB Fioranos, and that’s ruining Christmas for 49 investment bankers who can’t buy the Christmas gift they want. I have an idea of what they can do with their money instead: Save 250 lives. How, you ask? I recently learned about the problem of Obstetric Fistula. Briefly, childbirth… Read More

Thank God I don’t have HDTV

Corrective surgery organizations love to make generalizations: $250 can save a child’s smile, $10000 makes children smile for miles, smiles are magical, frowns are a leading cause of death, etc. I asked the organizations I was looking at for more details, because there are all kinds of ways that numbers like that can be ambiguous… Read More

Nice to meet you

I’m Holden, and I’m the guy who will be making sure this blog gets updated twice a week (Tuesday and Saturday) at a minimum. So if you’ve been wishing there were more blogs to read, you’ll be getting to know me well. Right now I’m talking to no one, because we haven’t told anyone about… Read More