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This is my first chance in a while, and my last chance for a while, to take a vacation. Technically, I’m still unemployed, so any Straw Ratio-minded donors should take comfort in the fact that they aren’t paying for this. I will return to the GiveWell Blog on Saturday, May 19. In the meantime, here’s…

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Can charity be cool?

Trent Stamp says charity can never be cool. He appears to have history on his side, given (a) the number of powerful people who would love charity to be cool, and the amount of effort and the number of campaigns they’ve devoted to it; (b) the fact that charity isn’t cool, and has never been…

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Post delayed

The next few weeks will be hectic for me and GiveWell. Today, I don’t have time for a post, but I promise you one by midnight (EST) tomorrow.