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We’re hiring

We are looking to hire a Research Analyst to help us collect and analyze data on several hundred international charities, and ultimately identify the ones that can best use donations to change lives. If you believe you are a good fit – or know someone who is – please send a resume to

About the role

We are currently conducting an in-depth examination of international aid charities. At first, the Analyst will focus on helping us to collect information from charities’ websites and annual reports about what sorts of programs they run; we will match this information with academic literature on which sorts of programs are highly cost-effective, in order to identify charities with the greatest potential to have a real impact. Over time, the Analyst may become a permanent member of our research team, with broader responsibilities.

This is an entry-level, full-time position. The start date will be on or before Jan. 1. You must have permission to work in the U.S.

No particular experience or skills are required. Instead, we are looking for a quick learner and independent thinker, with genuine passion for our mission and interest in our work.

The Analyst will be our third employee. The first two are located in New York City and Boston. The new employee can work from anywhere as long as s/he is accessible via phone and IM. This role is full-time, but will be terminated within a few months if the fit is not good. It is not a good fit for someone whose primary concern is job security. It is an excellent fit for someone who is genuinely passionate about our vision of a world where charities raise money not just by traditional marketing techniques, but by truly demonstrating their ability to change lives.