The GiveWell Blog


We want to thank the people who have invested the most of their own time and/or money to date. We’re lucky to be working on a project that brings out the passion and energy of such great people.

Our donors and GiveWell Pledgers. Now including not only former coworkers, but ~60 people with no previous connection to us who have donated or pledged. These “early adopters” are putting big chunks of their charitable budget behind our research – adding evidence, one donor at a time, to the notion that proving effectiveness can be a fundraising strategy.

Our Board of Directors, which has significantly stepped up its involvement and commitment this year.

Omar K, Gordon S, Tom R, and Ari H, who have been particularly aggressive – and successful – in getting us in front of potential donors and pledgers.

Simon K, Nick B, Brian S, Ron N, and Damian B, our strongest volunteers. They’ve done valuable work for our developing-world research.

Rob S and Phil S, who have taken on “mentor” roles, providing regular feedback on our plans and progress.

Peter Singer, Matthew Bonds, and Molly M, who act as “research advisors”: people with significant on-the-ground aid experience and/or significant knowledge of relevant literature, who provide regular feedback on our ongoing research.

Miriam M, Teddy K, David C, and Jordan of Fresh Milk Design for their feedback on our marketing materials and efforts.

Our friends and family for continuing to put up with us.