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Giving season update

We’re about halfway through December, which is historically when the vast majority of donations go through our website. Here’s a quick update on where things stand.

So far this year, we’ve seen significantly more money (over 3x as much) go to our recommended charities, directly through the GiveWell website, compared to last year.

The second chart above excludes December, as this month has generally completely dwarfed the others in terms of donations made through our website. The following chart shows daily donations made in December, during which the trend has continued.

Note that all charts above exclude all offline donations / donations made through other sites attributed to GiveWell; they are only capturing donations that were made directly via the GiveWell website. We’ll be giving a full overview of our estimated “money moved” when we release our annual self-evaluation in a few months.

Our web traffic is also up this year, driven primarily by an increase in organic (i.e., non-AdWords) search traffic.

We’re seeing strong growth that isn’t attributable to any particular one-off event, so we’re optimistic about future growth.