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Guest post from Eric Friedman

This is a guest post from Eric Friedman about how he decided what charity to support for his most recent donation. We requested this post along the lines of earlier posts by Jason Fehr, Ian Turner and Dario Amodei. In 2003, I decided that I wanted to increase the amount of money I gave away,… Read More

GAVI appears to be out of room for more funding (good news)

We’ve always been interested in GAVI, a large funding vehicle for immunizations (which we consider to be one of the best interventions out there for accomplishing good). Until recently, GAVI projected a need for $3.7 billion between 2011-2015 (archived). However, yesterday there was an announcement that GAVI had raised $4.3 billion, more than enough to… Read More

Why we should expect good giving to be hard

We’ve written before about a couple of consistent worldview differences we encounter: Our default assumption is that a charity isn’t succeeding; most people’s default assumption is that a charity is succeeding. We think that helping people is hard; most people seem to think it’s easy. When discussing any specific charity, I can usually think of… Read More

Profile of a GiveWell customer

The Money for Good study examined the size of the potential audience for work like GiveWell’s. What we’d like to see next would be a study on the nature of this audience: what sort of donor is open to giving based on third-party research? How do they think, what sorts of causes are they interested… Read More