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GiveWell’s annual charity recommendations refresh

As we do every year, we’re planning to release updated charity recommendations by December 1st. We’re currently weighing what we’ve learned about the organizations that could receive our top ratings. Currently, the contenders for top spots are Against Malaria Foundation (AMF) (our current #1 charity), Schistosomiasis Control Initiative (SCI) (our current #2 charity), and GiveDirectly (which we have written about before, but haven’t previously recommended due to its newness; now that it has more of a track record we are taking a closer look).

As part of this work, we’ve recently released updates on AMF (latest update here) and SCI (latest update here). I also recently returned from a trip to Kenya to see GiveDirectly’s work in the field, and we are working on an updated review of GiveDirectly that incorporates all we’ve learned recently.