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GiveWell Labs update

[Added August 27, 2014: GiveWell Labs is now known as the Open Philanthropy Project.] GiveWell and Good Ventures have made substantial progress since our last update on GiveWell Labs, and we’re now ready to take a major new step: moving beyond “shallow” and “medium-depth” investigations of causes to “deep dives” that are likely to involve… Read More

Balancing support from Good Ventures vs. individuals

GiveWell is growing quickly, and we have been wrestling with the question of how we should be seeking to fund our expansion. We are currently working closely with Good Ventures. Good Ventures is a major foundation, and it is interested enough in our work on strategic cause selection – for its own purposes in choosing… Read More

Principles and practices of capacity building

I previously wrote about the challenges of capacity building – hiring, training, and managing a team. We thought we would share some of the principles and practices we’ve come to believe are important to this goal, so that others can both learn from/consider them and provide their thoughts. As in the previous post on this… Read More

Debating philanthropy

Over the past few weeks, we’ve seen something that we see too rarely: a debate over philanthropy. Bill Schambra, at the invitation of the Hewlett Foundation (a funder of GiveWell), attacked the idea of “strategic philanthropy” presented in Money Well Spent (a book co-authored by Paul Brest, former Hewlett President). He characterized Money Well Spent… Read More