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A tax-deductible top charity for Australians

Updated November 2022: Australian donors can now make tax-deductible donations according to our Top Charities Fund and to some of our top charities through Effective Altruism Australia. Australian donors can also donate to some of our top charities through The Life You Can Save. You can find a list of tax-advantaged donation options for other countries here.

For many years we’ve received emails from donors asking whether donations to any of our top charities were tax-deductible in Australia and we’ve had to tell them that we did not have a tax-deductible option to offer them. So, we’re happy to share the news that the Against Malaria Foundation (AMF) has just received Deductible Gift Recipient status in Australia, which means that donations to AMF (Australia) are now tax-deductible. You can read AMF’s announcement here.

AMF has been seeking this status since 2009 and we are glad that its efforts have paid off. Of GiveWell’s top charities, AMF is the only one to have tax-deductible status in Australia at this point in time. More information on the tax-deductibility of donations to our top charities in various countries is available here.

AMF has told us it is happy to share information about its experience with the application process with other organizations that are considering applying for Deductible Gift Recipient status in Australia. It has posted information about the process, including some of its application materials, here.


  • Colin Rust on September 8, 2015 at 3:58 pm said:

    That’s excellent. It’s commendable that AMF is sharing their experience (including how they went wrong in the past), to help other charities navigate the Australian process.

    You may want to include a link to GiveWell’s discussion of which recommended charities are deductible where.

  • Colin Rust on September 8, 2015 at 4:12 pm said:

    Also, for AMF specifically, for people from other countries you might want to link to their page on deductibility and/or list the countries where they are tax deductible:

    New Zealand
    South Africa
    Switzerland (via GBS Schweiz)

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