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Revisiting the case for developmental effects of deworming

This post discusses our detailed examination (including, with help from the authors, reanalyzing raw data) of the Miguel and Kremer 2004 study on deworming (treating people for parasite infections) as a way to raise school attendance, and a followup study (Baird et al. 2012) on the later-in-life impacts. Our current #3 charity, SCI, focuses on… Read More

New Cochrane review of the effectiveness of deworming

Update 07/20/12: Miguel and Kremer (and others) have responded to the characterization of their 2004 study by the updated Cochrane review here. We find many of their responses to the Cochrane authors’ objections (which are distinct from our reservations) persuasive, especially regarding attrition and sample selection in the haemoglobin data and baseline school attendance data…. Read More

Giving cash versus giving bednets

We recently published a new review of GiveDirectly, a “standout” charity that gives cash directly to poor people in Kenya. As we were going through the process of discussing and vetting the new review, I found myself wondering how I would defend my preference to donate to distribute insecticide-treated bednets (ITNs) against a serious advocate… Read More

Millennium Villages Project

Several people have emailed us in the past few days asking about the new evaluation of the Millennium Villages Project (MVP), published in The Lancet last week. It has received significant attention in the development blogosphere (see, e.g., here, here, here, and here). The evaluation argues that the MVP was responsible for a substantial drop… Read More

Errors in DCP2 cost-effectiveness estimate for deworming

Two notes on this post: This post discusses flaws in a particular published cost-effectiveness estimate for deworming. It should not be taken as a general argument against deworming as a promising intervention, and it does not address various other publications on deworming including the 2003 paper by Edward Miguel and Michael Kremer. Prior to publication,… Read More