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Challenges in finding a great Vitamin A charity

Vitamin A supplementation involves giving Vitamin A to children at risk of deficiency to prevent death and other negative health impacts. We’d be interested in supporting a charity to carry out this program, but so far we have not found one we’d like to recommend. The evidence on the effectiveness of the program raises a… Read More

June 2016 open thread

Our goal with hosting quarterly open threads is to give blog readers an opportunity to publicly raise comments or questions about GiveWell or related topics (in the comments section below). As always, you’re also welcome to email us at or to request a call with GiveWell staff if you have feedback or questions you’d prefer to… Read More

We’re hiring a Director of Operations

GiveWell’s Operations team is responsible for all finance, accounting, HR, legal and tech functions at GiveWell and the Open Philanthropy Project. We started to build this team over the past year, and we’re now looking for a proven leader to lead our current team and grow it for the future. Additional details about the role are in… Read More

Trying out a new format: GiveWell podcast

June 17, 2016 update: we’ve received relatively few responses to our survey about the podcast, so we’re currently not planning on making more episodes. If you listened, feel free to fill out the survey or contact us. As part of our increased outreach efforts this year, we decided to make three test episodes of a… Read More

Reservations about water quality interventions

When we started researching water quality interventions, we originally guessed that there was clear evidence that the programs were effective at improving people’s health based on our general intuitions about the programs and our initial read of the relevant Cochrane review’s bottom line. Once we dug into the details of the research, though, we realized… Read More

Seeking feedback on alternative, more persuasion-oriented potential format for evidence reviews

This was an April Fool’s joke. To date, GiveWell writeups have focused on being detailed, nuanced, thoroughly cited, and clear. Something we’ve consciously not prioritized is making them “accessible”: easy and fun to read, emotionally compelling, memorable, and strongly persuasive to casual readers. Writing accessibly isn’t a natural strength of ours, and it can be difficult… Read More