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Anonymity rocks

I’ve been flooding our readers lately, so today I just want to brag a little bit about an aspect of our application process. We provide a public online discussion forum as one way for our applicants to ask questions and give feedback. One of the advantages of that it lets our applicants criticize us anonymously… Read More

My favorite cause

This is a response to the Giving Carnival topic I posted a couple days ago. I’m passionate about all of the 2007 Clear Fund causes, and about many others as well, but the one that revs me up the most is inner-city education in wealthy societies. The reasons for this are complicated and tough to… Read More

Giving Carnival 8/07: Bare your soul

This blog is hosting the Giving Carnival this week. The Giving Carnival is a horrible name for the following: the host chooses a topic, anyone who wants to writes/submits a post on that topic, and the host posts links to the ones he wants to (in a space this small, generally everyone) with commentary. It’s… Read More

Wanna get pumped about GiveWell?

Read the debate over at Tactical Philanthropy, on the following question: Clarity in charity – good or bad? (My wording.) It reminds me of when I used to read really old arguments for democracy and free speech (I’m talking about Locke, John Stuart Mill, etc.) and think, “Huh, there were people who disagreed with this… Read More


That last post was a doozy, wasn’t it. Please read it, though, if you get a chance, because this is really important. It’s my first attempt in a while to do what I’ve been saying forever that we can do: put the reasoning behind our decisions in writing, so that you can see the basis… Read More

I believe that the children are our future

Here’s what I’ve learned in two days of reading up on early child care (Cause 3). This is as rough as a draft gets, but I’m still going to provide references, a summary, and a roadmap, because those things are all so useful. In a nutshell: it’s at least possible to make an amazingly big… Read More