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Our business is your business

The Clear Fund has no secrets. If I’m ever being a jerk about disclosing information, you can quote me on that. I’ve just added a Board records section to the Clear Fund website. It includes a link to the full minutes and audio recording for our last Board meeting, along with all the written materials… Read More

Diving in

As quickly and efficiently as I possibly can, I’m now trying to read up on our five causes, and ask the question: “What is the evidence – independent of particular nonprofits – for and against different methods of helping people?” Given the enormity of the topics and how little time I have, this is difficult,… Read More

Escaping the bubble

This blog has become part of a blogging “community.” We read each other, we refer to each other, we comment on each others’ posts, and we probably think of each other as the “other charity bloggers.” I’m talking mostly about: Tactical Philanthropy Philanthropy 2173 White Courtesy Telephone GiftHub (and its weird sister, Wealth Bondage) The… Read More

The triage approach

One of the things we need to do, as a transparent grantmaker, is to take the intuitions and biases that make us prefer one charity over another and make them explicit, so that everyone is aware (as much as possible) of the principles that drive us. I’m going to be doing this “out loud” on… Read More

Philanthropy strikes back

If you’re here to read the latest update on the GiveWell project, see this post. There are a lot of possible objections to my last post; to voice them, I’m bringing back our old friend, the Straw Man, for an exclusive interview. Straw Man: When you say you prefer charity (helping individuals) to philanthropy (addressing… Read More