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Yesterday was an important day for a couple reasons:

1. It was the due date for Clear Fund Round One applications (excepting the applicants who’ve been given extensions, which so far is everyone who’s asked for one). About 1/3 of the charities we invited to apply have submitted; we have 33 submissions for Cause 1, 22 for Cause 2, 10 for Cause 3, 43 for Cause 4, and 16 for Cause 5. I estimate that we’ll get about 20 more (total) from late submissions.

So, it’s time to get reading them. Fortunately, I don’t have to do it all by myself …

2. I finally got a co-worker. Everyone give a big hello to Elie Hassenfeld, the Clear Fund’s new Program Officer. Elie and I worked together at a hedge fund for three years, starting up the informal GiveWell group about a year ago, and from the start he stood head and shoulders above the other members in terms of his natural passion (and ability) for the project. He’s a great talent, and however much GiveWell is hurting world GDP by wrenching him away from his old job, I’m happy (and lucky) to have him on board.