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Elie and I get all the headlines, and the ladies, but GiveWell is a lot more than the two of us. This seems like a good time to thank:

Our donors, mostly former coworkers who believed in us and stepped up to make GiveWell possible, even when it was nothing but an idea. Now, of course, it’s more.

Teel and Kendall, our best volunteer researchers. They’ve each put in a huge amount of time – and brainpower – helping us get a better handle on relevant literature from microfinance to tropical disease burdens.

Melissa and Ross, our volunteer Marketing Department. Both have put significant time and effort into various ways of getting our idea to people who can help us, and it’s paying off already.

Kendall (same Kendall), Vartges, Eric, and Leyla, our best volunteer editors. They’ve read our reviews, checked them over thoroughly (including the footnotes), and discussed them with us at length, helping them reach the state of perfection you see now.

Jordan of Fresh Milk Design, who put together the logo on our new site in a hurry (and on a volunteer basis).

Nicolas Borda and Suro, the website team. Not volunteers, but they’ve done great work for us, quickly and for good prices. Suro has mostly been working on the back-end functionality of our “Right of response” features, which allow charities access to a response space on their review pages. Nicolas is the man behind the visual layout of the site.

These aren’t the only people who’ve been a huge help to us, but they’re the ones who have invested the most of their own time and/or money to date. We’re lucky to be working on a project that brings out the passion and energy of such great people.

Well, one more thank-you:

My friends, family, and especially sister, who have all had to deal with my becoming a hermit, and have been incredibly supportive.


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