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GiveWell is hiring!

We’re actively hiring for roles across GiveWell.


We’re hiring a Director of Operations. The job posting is here.

The Director of Operations is responsible for many domains and manages a team of eight people. A successful candidate will excel at prioritizing the most impactful work, shepherding improvements to completion, and managing the team.

This job is perfect for someone who wants to:

  • be part of the leadership team at an organization that’s dedicated to making the world a better place.
  • work with colleagues who are passionate about the problems they’re trying to solve.
  • have significant personal ownership and responsibility.

We’re looking for someone based in the San Francisco Bay Area, where GiveWell’s office is located. This job has flexible hours and can partly be done remotely.


We’re hiring a Head of Growth. The job posting is here.

The Head of Growth will be responsible for leading our efforts to increase the amount of money GiveWell’s recommended charities receive as a result of our recommendation. The Head of Growth will set a strategy to maximize our money moved by identifying, implementing, and testing a variety of growth strategies and will build a team to support these objectives.

We’re looking for a Head of Growth who is excited for the challenge of starting and building our Growth team and aligned with our commitment to honesty and transparency about our, and our recommended organizations’, shortcomings and strengths.


We’re looking for talented people to add to our research team. Some of our most successful analysts are people who followed our work closely prior to joining GiveWell, so if you read our blog, please consider applying!

We’re hiring for three positions:

Research Analysts and Senior Research Analysts are responsible for all of our research work: reviewing potential top charities and following up with current recommended charities, reviewing the evidence for charitable interventions, building cost-effectiveness models, and evaluating potential Incubation Grants.

Our Summer Research Analyst position is for rising college seniors or graduate students with one year left in their program, and offers the opportunity to work on a variety of research tasks at GiveWell over two to three months.

Research Analysts and Senior Research Analysts do not need to be based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Summer Research Analysts do need to be in the San Francisco Bay Area.


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