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Self-evaluation: GiveWell as a donor resource

This is the third post (of six) we’re planning to make focused on our self-evaluation and future plans. This post answers a set of critical questions about the state of GiveWell as a donor resource. The questions are the same as last year’s. Does GiveWell provide quality research that highlights truly outstanding charities in the…

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GiveWell annual review: Details on GiveWell’s money moved and web traffic

This is the second post (of six) focused on our self-evaluation and future plans. This post lays out highlights from our metrics report for 2011. For more detail, see our full metrics report (PDF). 1. In 2011, GiveWell moved $5,285,992 to our recommended charities, a significant increase over past years. 2. While our #1-ranked charity…

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Accountability in philanthropy

[Added August 27, 2014: GiveWell Labs is now known as the Open Philanthropy Project.] We previously listed our five chief criteria for GiveWell Labs, an arm of our research process that will be open to any giving opportunity, no matter what form and what sector. This post further discusses the third of these criteria: “accountability.”…

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