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Staff members’ personal donations – giving season 2014

For this post, GiveWell staff members wrote up the thinking behind their personal donations for the year. We made a similar post a year ago. Elie HassenfeldMy wife and I are planning to give more to GiveDirectly than the GiveWell allocation. Organization GiveWell allocation Our allocation AMF 67% 45% GD 13% 45% SCI 13% 5%…

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Donor coordination and the “giver’s dilemma”

This year we’ve dealt with some particularly intense manifestations of what one might call the “giver’s dilemma.” Imagine that two donors, Alice and Bob, are both considering supporting a charity whose room for more funding is $X, and each is willing to give the full $X to close that gap. If Alice finds out about…

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Our updated top charities

Our top charities are (in alphabetical order): Against Malaria Foundation (AMF) Deworm the World Initiative (DtWI), led by Evidence Action GiveDirectly Schistosomiasis Control Initiative (SCI) We have recommended all four of these charities in the past. We have also included four additional organizations on our top charities page as standout charities. They are (in alphabetical…

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