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Corrections in our review of Development Media International

Recently, we discovered a few errors in our cost-effectiveness analysis of Development Media International (DMI). After correcting these errors, our best guess of DMI’s cost per life saved has increased from $5,236 per life saved to $7,264 per life saved. Additionally, we discovered some errors in our analysis of DMI’s finances. The corrected cost-effectiveness analysis… Read More

Should we expect an ongoing study to meet its “goal?”

One of our newly “standout” charities, Development Media International (DMI), is in the midst of a randomized controlled trial. So far, all we have from the trial is information about self-reported behavior change, and we’ve tried to use that information to estimate how many lives the program will likely save (for purposes of our cost-effectiveness… Read More

Our updated top charities

Our top charities are (in alphabetical order): Against Malaria Foundation (AMF) Deworm the World Initiative (DtWI), led by Evidence Action GiveDirectly Schistosomiasis Control Initiative (SCI) We have recommended all four of these charities in the past. We have also included four additional organizations on our top charities page as standout charities. They are (in alphabetical… Read More

A promising study re: Development Media International

Development Media International (DMI), an organization that “runs radio and TV campaigns to change behaviours and save lives in developing countries,” recently released preliminary midline results from a randomized controlled trial. These results imply that exposure to DMI’s content caused people to take up a variety of behaviors (including early initiation of breastfeeding and various… Read More