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GiveWell annual review: Details on GiveWell’s money moved and web traffic

This is the second post (of six) focused on our self-evaluation and future plans. This post lays out highlights from our metrics report for 2011. For more detail, see our full metrics report (PDF). 1. In 2011, GiveWell moved $5,285,992 to our recommended charities, a significant increase over past years. 2. While our #1-ranked charity…

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Finally, a competitor!

This week, The Chronicle of Philanthropy wrote an article about the creation of the Alliance for Effective Social Investing. We wholeheartedly applaud Steve Butz and other members of the Alliance for their efforts, and really hope they succeed. There are too few organizations focusing on the effectiveness of charitable programs, and we’re excited to see…

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Back Monday

We’re on a pledge-raising trip in CA, and our schedule has been tighter than anticipated. We’ll be back on the blog Monday.

The GiveWell Pledge

The goal of GiveWell is to help a large chunk of individual giving to become more effective (i.e., to help people more). As such, the two most important questions about our project are: 1. Can we produce useful, actionable research for donors? 2. Will donors use it? Our first year was focused on #1. We…

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