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GiveWell summer fellowship

We’re planning to host a one week fellowship this summer at our office in San Francisco for students more than a year away from graduation (e.g., first years or sophomores in college), who would be ineligible for our Summer Research Analyst position. We expect to have 4-8 fellows, who will spend a week doing standard… Read More

History of philanthropy case study: Pew and drug safety legislation

Tamara Mann Tweel, who has been working for us on our history of philanthropy project, has completed a case study of a Pew Charitable Trusts (“Pew”) program focused on drug supply chain safety legislation in 2012. The report concludes: Pew put drug supply chain safety concerns on the legislative agenda in 2011 and actively built… Read More

Giving to support the relief effort for the Nepal earthquake

GiveWell aims to find giving opportunities that allow donors to do as much good as possible with their donations, and our research efforts focus on that goal. We have not researched giving opportunities related to the relief effort for the Nepal earthquake, specifically. Below, we share our 6 tips on disaster relief giving, a post… Read More

December 2014 update on GiveWell’s funding needs

This post provides an update on GiveWell’s operating budget and funding needs. It is aimed at close followers of GiveWell, particularly those who have a high degree of trust in and alignment with us and are primarily seeking to make the highest-impact gift according to our (admittedly biased) opinion. Our opinion is that for such… Read More

Request for input

We’re planning to redesign our website in early 2015. We last worked on our website in 2009, and it’s time to refresh it. Please let us know if you have any suggestions you’d like us to consider. In particular: Is there functionality you wish our website had? Is there information you wish were easier to… Read More

We’re happy to talk to you!

If you’re currently trying to figure out where you’ll give this year, and you think it might be helpful to talk to us about your decision, feel free to contact us at We work hard to put all the relevant information about our recommendations on our website, but we know it can sometimes be… Read More